About MEOC

Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge (MEOC) regularly runs outreach (dawah) activities in the city of Cambridge and beyond. These include:
  • exhibitions
  • dawah (outreach) stalls
  • mosque open days
  • special mosque visits
  • school visits
  • website (coming soon)
  • supplying libraries with quality islamic literature (http://qsl.meoc.org.uk)
  • street cleaning campaigns
  • seminars
  • public talks

In addition to the outreach programmes MEOC also has educational programmes. They include:
  • dawah training courses
  • cambridge islamic sciences seminars (courses.meoc.org.uk)
  • seminars on education & welfare of children (www.21stcenturychildren.org.uk)
  • eid parties for families
  • islamic educational circles in the mosque
  • islamic lectures in the mosque

Some of the activities such as the seminars are self funded by ticket sales but all the outreach activities are offered free of charge to the public so they need external funding.

We give out around 600 translations of the Qur'an every month in the dawah stall alone. This is in addition to all the other literature that are distributed. We also have the yearly exhibition coming up at the Cambridge Central Library. Last year's exhibition attracted around 4000 people throughout 6 days. All of these require significant amount of stocks of Qur'an.

Just for your information some of the photos and video interviews of these events are given below.

Video Presentations & Interviews:

(A list of all videos available can be found on the left column on Vimeo)


All of these activities require your generous support. So please get on the challenge.

Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. All your contributions go towards education and outreach projects.