The Challenge

We must raise 10,000 translations of the Qur'an in 10 days. 

We will be distributing these translations in the dawah stalls, exhibitions and mosque open days. The translations we give out to the Non-Muslim are the Muhammad Marmaduke Pikthall's translation. It is a very reliable translation written by an Englishman in a lucid style. Each copy costs around £1. By the help of Allah and through your generous contributions we believe that we can raise funds to acquire 10,000 copies within the next few days InshaAllah. Our aim is to make sure every Non-Muslim household in Cambridge has a copy of the Qur'an.

In addition to sadaqah (charitable donations) zakat (yearly compulsory charity) can also be paid for this purpose. See FAQ for details.

How Does It Work?

You can fund multiples of 10 copies of the the Qur'an translations. Once the we achieve the target or the 10 days are complete the translations would be purchased on your behalf and added to the pool. There is no limit on how many copies you can fund. There is no better investment than investing for the guidance of the humanity. So fund as many copies as possible.

Don't miss this opportunity in the remaining blessed days of Ramadhan where the rewards and the blessings are multiplied.

How is The Challenge Monitored?
  • When you make a purchase or send payment to MEOC please send a quick email to stating what you ordered or how much you contributed to MEOC with an optional short message of encouragement.
  • This information (your name, message and contribution) along with the latest count will be published at this blog.